Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What's The First Boiler Question To Ask In 2009?

"What has been the average percentage of O2 in each boiler stack over the past 24 hours?"

As fuel burns, it produces chemical chain reactions. For example, the presence of nitrogen and excess oxygen radicals in this hot combustion environment promotes the formation of nitrogen oxides, or NOx.

However, by using air mass flow and fuel mass flow solutions as control parameters to maintain specific chemical reaction ratios, the amount of excess oxygen in flue gases can be limited and the possibility of unburned fuel eliminated. In fact, a one percent increase in boiler efficiency can be achieved by lowering excess oxygen in flue gases by two percent.

How can this be accomplished? Benz Air Engineering focuses on boiler retrofits that include technologies and components that were not available when most boilers were built decades ago. The result is more efficient boiler for a fraction of the cost of a new boiler, without sacrificing the reliability of boilers that were built to last more than a hundred years. Payback is typically less than two years.

Benz Air solutions can increase boiler efficiency to better than 95 percent, saving millions of dollars in fuel and energy while meeting all emission regulation guidelines. Many installations also qualify for rebates up to 50 percent, which can be predetermined by Benz Air engineers.

If your plant is considering a boiler replacement or retrofit in 2009, Benz Air can provide a cost comparison to help make the best decision. Simply fill out and return a brief one-page questionnaire and fax it back to Benz Air offices.

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